The price of the token tZero (TZROP) platform for security-tokens from the retail giant Overstock have fallen by more than 50% amid low trading volumes, according to CoinDesk.

So, for three weeks daily trading volume TZROP is from 7 to 23 million tokens in total emissions of 26 million

At the time of launch on the platform registered a total of several hundred of the more than one thousand participants of the STO, which was able to raise $134 million At the moment, 15% of users are new traders that joined the platform after the official launch.

As the cryptocurrency market, tZero is in the grip of bearish sentiment. The price of the token has fallen from $8 to $3, and some traders had orders to buy at $1. At the moment, the spread had stabilized in the range of $3-$3,35.

Trader mark Nelson is convinced that many investors entered the project against the background of hype around the ICO, not understanding the nature of the token TZROP, and expecting only profits. They, according to him, now put pressure on the price, trying to get at least some capital.

At the same time, many traders have reported problems with the verification of accounts through the broker-dealer platform Financial Dinosaur. Fiat transfers to accounts of the specified firms also take a few days.

Recall that the launch of the platform tZero was held on 25 January, but at the moment the auction is held only in the hours of the American session.

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