Venture investor-billionaire Tim Draper (Tim Draper) said in an interview to Fox Business that in 5 years FIATA currency will be in circulation only criminals because they fear detection through tracking data on the blockchain. At the same time, according to Draper, around the world, people will actively use the cryptocurrency.

Draper also believes that his money in the Bank are less secure than invested in bitcoins, as the Bank is constantly under the threat of hacking and hack the bitcoin blockchain, no one could. Withdrawals of bitcoin in us dollars Draper compared with the exchange of gold on the shells, stressing that back in the past to come back makes no sense, and the future belongs to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We will remind, last autumn, Draper predicted the growth of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization to $80 trillion over 15 years. His son Adam Draper (Adam Draper), who invested more than $1 billion in more than 200 startups, also said that in ten years of digital currencies in the world will be greater than national currencies.