The Wall Street Journal published a list of 25 technology companies that need to pay attention to 2018. They are in the areas of cyber security, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The last category in the ranking are five companies, which are located on the second, sixth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth places.

Second place was taken by Blockstream, founded in 2014 by Adam Beck, Peter Vella and Greg Maxwell. The company develops solutions for the bitcoin network and in conjunction with the Intercontinental Exchange (the operator of the new York stock exchange) creates a system of cryptocurrency quotes for traders.

In sixth place, the consortium R3, developing blockchain applications for the financial sector. Representatives of the consortium denied appeared in the media last week, the rumours that investors have lost interest in the project and the organization is close to financial collapse.

In eleventh place, Digital Asset Holdings, working on the acceleration of transactions between financial institutions. It collaborates with the Australian stock exchange that uses a blockchain in clearing and settlement operations.

Twelfth place went to Brave Software, which 30 seconds tokens sold the BAT for $35 million, having the fastest tocancel in history. This company has created a browser in which users get bitcoins for viewing ads.

On thirteenth place is situated in Abra-Plutus Financial, has developed a mobile application for investment in Fiat and digital currency, which supports bitcoin and 24 Aldona.