Swiss startup Pigzbe expects to be involved in the cryptocurrency world of children, using gaming training. Specially designed for this purpose, the device represents “a combination of physical product, games and purse,” the company explained.

It functions as a game controller, and will be able to notice. Children will collect cryptocurrency Wollo (WLO), playing a financial game. Potentially they will have the opportunity to use tokens to pay for things with a payment card that the company is also developing. The device will be a safe cold wallet for the tokens WLO.

In a startup emphasize that the volume of the market of game education by 2021 will be about $23 billion According to the team Pigzbe, the target audience of the company is 205 mln of children receiving a week for around $15 pocket money.

According to the road map project in June must be submitted to the beta version of the app for parents and games for kids. In early July launched a public sale of tokens Wollo, the project team hopes to raise through ICO $4 million.

For the project team Pigzbe used a public blockchain Stellar, and token WLO will be trading on the Stellar Distributed Exchange.

We will remind that in may the tech giant IBM has announced plans to launch a token on the blockchain Stellar.