A group of bitcoin developers and miners BitPico said that the stress test in the network of Bitcoin Cash revealed evidence of centralization of nod Aldona.

According to BitPico, 98% of the available gcd “is located in one server rack”.

98% of the nodes are shown sitting in the same server rack.

— ɃitPico (@bitPico) July 9, 2018

Attaching a screenshot of the results obtained, the group urged representatives of the Bitcoin Cash to explain the centralization of nod.

Perhaps somebody from the #bcash $bch #BitcoinCash team can explain this? #cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralized #magic #trick #fail @rogerkver @JihanWu If you are running a bitPico Cash stress test node please update your code ASAP. Thanks!

— ɃitPico (@bitPico) July 9, 2018

BitPico turned their attention to Bitcoin Cash in the last month – once conducted a similar test in Lightning Network.

The group ran a stress test in June, saying that within six weeks, plans to collect five thousand “attacking node”.

“It is unlikely in Bitcoin Cash understand how easy it is to bring down their network”.

If the information that nodes of Bitcoin Cash is in one place, will be confirmed, it will become another link in the long chain of allegations of insufficient decentralization of the network BCH.

In December 2017, when bitcoin price reached a record $20 thousand, well-known cryptographer and a pioneer in the field of smart contracts Nick Szabo Bitcoin Cash called “centralized virtual” after it emerged that more than half of the network nodes were located on servers of Alibaba. For comparison, the figure of Bitcoin at that time was 2%.

We will remind that in September in the Bitcoin Cash will be held another stress test, in which the team that manages the site BCH Day Stress Test, plans to process millions of transactions in a single day.