A senior official of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges (SEC) the United States said that cryptocurrency Ethereum is not securities in accordance with the Federal rules.

The Director of the division of corporate Finance SEC William Hinman (William Hinman) stated that at least “structured as currently, the” ETH will not be regulated by the SEC as securities.

“When we think about how Ethereum works today, at least, we see a highly decentralized network, not a centralized type of actor that characterizes the offering of the securities. In the current state we do not see that its price was regulated,” said Hinman.

He stressed that despite the fact that the second cryptocurrency was originally released “in the style of krautsalat ICO”, Ethereum network was quite decentralized, since she had no controlling party. However, he added that the assets originally issued as securities, may lose these properties in the future.

We will remind, earlier the head of the SEC , Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton) said that bitcoins are not securities.