The project æternity developing blockchain Protocol for smart contracts, open source, announced the purchase of a stake in the micropayments SatoshiPay. This is stated in the press release of the project.

The deal was concluded in the framework of the next round of funding SatoshiPay. In addition æternity it was attended by the company Börsenmedien AG, AERGO, and Daniel masters of CoinShares and CEO SatoshiPay Meinhard Benn.

SatoshiPay will use the solution æternity to increase the bandwidth of its payment service. The company noted that such features are æternity as a high transaction rate, channel conditions and low fee will allow you to create a service that is impossible on other blockchains.

“Our platform requires high speed and low transaction cost. The decision æternity allows all of this with ease to provide”, — said CEO SatoshiPay Meinhard Benn.

Founder æternity Anislav Malakhov said:

“Buying shares in SatoshiPay will allow all partners æternity to integrate nanoplates. In addition, the developers of the open source apps will be able to realize nanoplates through the service SatoshiPay for any digital content, data or services.”

One of the first users of the joint solution from æternity and SatoshiPay can become Axel Springer SE, one of Europe’s largest companies in the field of digital content, which owns such publications as Business Insider, Bild, Die Welt and Upday. Customers Axel Springer SE will be able to buy digital content for cryptocurrency via wallet SatoshiPay.

Team æternity also making efforts to build and support the community. The developers invite users to ask any questions in the Russian-language section of the official forum. Also with the team can be contacted in a thread on the forum Bitcointalk or the official Russian chat in Telegram.

Recall that in late 2018 æternity released the first iteration of its blockchain called Roma Release. Shortly thereafter, the project has established two charitable Fund to support blockchain initiatives.

In addition, ForkLog together with æternity launched a special project about the evolution of smart contracts and functional programming on the blockchain.