A centralized cryptocurrency exchange DX Exchange, which is based on the infrastructure of the NASDAQ, announced that the number of registered users has exceeded 500 thousand, even before its official opening, says Sopice.

DX Exchange, which is expected to be launched at the end of June, has generated considerable interest from traders without a serious marketing campaign. The main reason for this, apparently, was the fact that the exchange is a model of free trade.

While most cryptocurrency trading platforms charge a fee, DX Exchange will charge only a monthly fee of €10. Your monthly operations limit is €50,000 and in case it is exceeded, the user will pay fees for each transaction.

Exchange based in Estonia and obtained two licenses from the Ministry of economic Affairs and communications of the country, which is another advantage for users. Their rights will be protected by the government of a member country of the EU.

CEO and co-founder of DX Exchange Daniel Skowronski believes that the stock exchange can be interesting not only for retail traders. Its launch is scheduled for later this month.

“Our activity is completely “white”, so the number of banks and brokers have expressed a desire to connect to us, to grant access to its customers. Expectations are high, and we will not fail 500 thousand of those who believe in us, and other members of the crypto community”, — said Skowronski.

As mentioned earlier ForkLog, at the initial stage at DX Exchange plans to add six major assets, including bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. In the future, DX Exchange intends to add another 20 to 25 coins and some small tokens, with, insists Daniel Skovronsky, it will be only those assets that do have value.