In the near future, the network Monero expect major changes. We are talking about a new Protocol Tari working on the project specialists.

This Protocol intended to expand the digital assets through the involvement of data about property rights. Tari will support all that you can tokenservice: concert tickets and any other items that may be subject to “digital ownership”. The project is led by the leading developer of Monero Ricardo’s Spanie.

It is noted that for the formation of Tari users will receive rewards. At ICO, the project will not go.

“We don’t want to do a lot of future applications, we just want to Express themselves in this way, and we believe that this is a great way to build trust and community. Our token is different in that we maniacally focused on our project. I think that the important point in terms of our space is the issue: do we create a Protocol that is useful for all possible use cases, or we create a Protocol that focused on one type of use? , “said co-founder Monero Navna Jane (Naveen Jain) in comments to CoinDesk.

According to Jane, the future of Monero in adaptability. The project developers came to the conclusion that to achieve success, Monero needs to support the maximum possible services.

The launch date Tari developers have not yet called.