Blockchain startup Factom Austin received from the Department of homeland security (DHS) funding in the amount of $192380 for beta testing of the ability to ensure data security, the border and customs service collected equipment monitoring, such as cameras and sensors, using blockchain technology.

The grant is provided to the fourth and final stage of the Innovation program Silikonovoj valley (SVIP), in which Factom have prepared options for architectural and structural solutions for integration of blockchain technology and existing technologies.

Under the terms of beta testing, the platform will have limited access to the Internet, and tests under different weather conditions, simulating the work of the border services. The task of the startup is to test the innovation in a realistic environment and to evaluate its influence on the operations to obtain a commercial product, ready to enter the market.

Recall that in the autumn of last year, DHS awarded grants of $750 thousand each to the two blockchain startups: Digital Bazaar and Evernym – the development of commercial solutions based on blockchain technology for both private and for public use. Later it became known that the introduction of blockchain technology could be a key part of a massive reorganization of the U.S. Department of State. According to DHS, today in SVIP was attended by 23 companies, and the amount under the funding for them is $800 thousand.