Hardwork cryptocurrency Bytecoin, October 1

The main goal of the fork — update the blockchain. Bytecoin version 3.3.0 will contain more than 60 improvements in various aspects of the circuit. One of the major changes is the possibility of zero fee per transaction.

The beta release of Lightning Network, October 1

The developers will present the beta version of the chain Lightning Network on the basis of Stellar. Lightning Network is a network outside of the blockchain, which gives the cryptocurrency support instant transactions.

Airdrop tokens Aion (AION), 10 Oct

Aion — tiered blockchain network of third generation, able to combine multiple blockchains for their helpful cooperation. Token AION is essentially the “fuel” to create new blockchains, monetization megapatch bridges, and network security in General. October 10 will be held the next hand.

Listing litecoin on Gemini, 13 Oct

On the seventh day of the birth of litecoin, October 13, it will be added to the exchange the Winklevoss brothers. It is expected that it will be recorded the growth rate of the cryptocurrency.

Cardano listing on the stock exchange UBS, 13 Oct

Cardano — ninth of the capitalization of the currency, and therefore its placement on the new exchange will affect the rate.

Settlement day for bitcoin futures on the CBOE 17 Oct

In the previous settlement day on the CBOE, 19 senyatbrya, bitcoin exchange rate showed a slight increase.

World the Blockchain Summit in Dubai, October 24-25

Dubai will host one of a series of summits devoted to the blockchain. It will bring together gurus of the world of cryptocurrencies, and blockchain experts, young startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and representatives of the governments of different countries. Around the World the Blockchain Summit will take about 15 cities.

Settlement day for bitcoin futures on CME, 26 Oct

In the previous settlement day on CME, September 28, bitcoin exchange rate showed a slight increase.

World Crypto Conference, 31 Oct-2 Nov

The three day conference in Las Vegas will gather the most influential people in the world of cryptocurrency — Charlie Lee, Ronnie Moas, Brock pierce, Charlie Shrem, Tim Draper, Bobby Lee and others. All will feature more than 75 speakers, and the number of guests expected to exceed 5 thousand people. The main themes of the conference — the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Start xRapid from Ripple, October

Finally, another event not to be missed (although the exact date is still unknown) is launching xRapid from Ripple. xRapid is a commercial version of the payment platform Ripple. Using the token XRP, it will significantly speed up international payments.

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