Israeli authorities, on the recommendation of the Agency for the management of securities (ISA), considering the establishment of a government cryptocurrency exchanges, where customers could be confident in the reliability and security of digital assets.

Note that similar areas in the world yet, but walking the talk in different countries. In addition, the government has proposed to create a regulatory sandbox for blockchain projects in which cryptocurrency company could safely test your business.

Commenting on the proposed recommendations, the Chairman of the ISA Anat Guetta (Anat Guetta) noted that they are intended for the development of cryptococcoma and for the protection of investors. According to her, the excitement around cryptocurrencies has passed, but the underlying technology is free to continue its development.

Both steps aimed at supporting the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. The controller offers the state not only to control but to participate directly in a rapidly growing field. ISA recommends the introduction of disclosure requirements for crypto proposals that qualify as securities, stating that such proposals should be monitored similarly to crowdfunding.

Given that Israel is quite advanced from an economic point of view the region as a positive attitude controller can not but rejoice. It is hoped that the government will listen and implement these recommendations to life.

We will remind, at the end of last year the crypto currency exchange Bits of Gold from tel Aviv has developed an application programming interface (API), which allows Israeli companies to accept payments in bitcoin, getting the cost in shekels or US dollars.