In Switzerland, a referendum “On living money” 442 thousand inhabitants of the country, which is 24.3% of those who expressed an opinion, supported the transition from traditional banking system to the new one, allowing financial institutions to create their own electronic currency to the extent of its reserves.

“Cryptocurrency and (technology) blockchain is the direction towards which we are moving. They can enter the system, which we offer… using blockchain technology, the Swiss government would try to introduce into the economy new non-credit monetary system. Although the vote (the initiative) and fell, Switzerland’s Central Bank is looking for a similar solution,” said one member of the group MoMo, who proposed the initiative, Donate Emma (Emma Dawnay).

We will remind, earlier the head of the Swiss Central Bank Thomas Jordan (Thomas Jordan) said that potentially there is the possibility that the money of the Central Bank will be releasing with distributed registry, however, he came out against the initiative, calling it a “dangerous experiment”.

In January the Minister of economy of Switzerland Johann Schneider-Ammann (Johann Schneider-Ammann) said that in 5-10 years the country must become a “kryptonate”. In addition, in the period from 25 June to 1 July in Zug elections will be held in the municipality using the technology of the blockchain .