Most altcoins out of the top 10 continue to show negative trend, which positively affects the index of dominance of bitcoin. In the night of Wednesday, September 12, the main cryptocurrency has shown a new record of share transactions in the digital market to 2018, reports CoinTelegraph.

The indicator of the dominance of bitcoin has reached to 58.1%, which was the highest figure since December 16, 2017. The market capitalization of virtual assets continues to fall and now stands at $186,74 billion, follows from the materials of the website CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin is trading at $6278. The second and third cryptocurrency from the list of the largest digital asset, live and Ripple, decreased in price to $170 and $0,256, respectively.

According to experts, the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the main positive impact on the volume of usage of the coin.

At the same time losses are the other digital assets, as investors began to reduce investment in altcoins. Support for bitcoin can further and the U.S. dollar. In late August, the weakening of interest in the digital currency has enabled gold to strengthen the position due to the inflow of new capital.