The Creator of the company-developer of computer games Epic Games Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) said that the opportunity to purchase its products at the official online store Fortnite Retail Row, launched in December last year, Monero (XMR) was opened to users randomly. According to him, it happened during the setup of the store, which was connected payments in Monero. Now, however, this option is again disabled.

Sweeney explained that many members of his team are fans of the technology underlying the cryptocurrency, however, in order to present them to a wide audience of young gamers who must overcome challenges associated with the volatility of scriptactive and protection from fraud.

Actually, Fortnite”s brief foray into crypto was accidental. We worked with a partner to open a merchandise store, and somewhere along the way Monero payment was enabled.

— Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) January 6, 2019

We will remind, at the end of December 2017, a popular digital distribution service computer games and programs Steam has ceased to accept bitcoins due to the significant price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency and high commissions.