Messari research Agency recently released data that XRP market cap is greatly exaggerated. Shortly thereafter the founder of the Messari received a call seems to be a threat, and there is reason to believe that the so-called “army XRP” could “relive old times”.

In a passionate and even “tribal” Cryptoprotected community XRP stands out for its solid dedication to the second capitalization of the coin. In the past the exchange and eToro Kraken also survived the attack “army XRP” — angry answers to their uncomplimentary remarks about the coin of the Ripple network.

It seems that such a background of “army XRP” led to believe the founder of the Messari Ryan Selkis that members of the community XRP threaten him and his family, as the call came almost immediately after publication.

Someone just called me from a Nashville number and recited my wife’s birthday to me. Then hung up.@bgarlinghouse these are the type of animals you and your fucking company enable.


— Ryan Selkis (@twobitidiot) January 24, 2019

“Someone called me from number in Nashville and called me the date of birth of my wife. Then hung up the phone. Think it’s those beasts that indulges Arlinghaus with his fucking company. It seems that war.”

According to the findings Messari, capitalization token XRP exaggerated by about $6 billion, and the supporters of token seems to have enough reasons to be nervous and behave inappropriately. The list of achievements of “army of XRP” there have already been threats against the families — the developer of BitPay Jeff garzik’s replied to a tweet of Selkies, saying that he was in a similar situation.

This is what happened to me & family during #SegWit2x brouhaha. Local police & FBI were called then, too. There are some sick parts of this community.

— Jeff Garzik (@jgarzik) January 25, 2019

“That’s what happened to me and family during the hype SegWit2x. Then it was called the local police and the FBI. In this community enough patients. I want to Ripple, Arlinghaus [and others] condemned the threats community XRP in my family. Now I’m going to contact the FBI and local police, as did three calls. They must ensure the safety of my family. I don’t go home until you made a public statement”. Discuss current news and events on the Forum