Subjected to scrutiny and caused considerable skepticism within the bitcoin community the letter in which the Issuer of the token USDT Tether company Ltd announces partnership with the Bahamas Bank, Deltec Bank & Trust, is genuine. This writes CoinDesk, citing a statement by the Chairman of the Board Jean Chalopin.

The letter, from which she has sufficient funds to provide the total volume released token USDT ($1 831 322 828 — at the time the work day ends 31 October 2018), the company Tether Ltd released on 1 November. Presented to the public document, however, almost immediately, was questioned.

The question in the first place was the absence of the name of any officers of the Bank under the signature, raised questions, and the signature itself, to determine which, who assured the document was very difficult.

Also have raised questions contained in the letter of the wording that it is available without any obligation from the side of the Deltec Bank and “is based solely on the information that is at our disposal.”

As explained, the correspondence between CoinDesk and head of Deltec Bank was conducted over several days. Initially, the representative Deltec Bank Melanie Hutchinson, citing legal constraints and internal rules of the Bank, said that can not share information regarding the organization’s relationship with customers.

But then in correspondence was joined by Jean Shopin, saying that the document is genuine.

“The letter, published by the Tether, is authentic”, he told the publication.

Jean Shopin also commented on the numerous rumors that Deltec Bank involved in money laundering, stating that such assumptions appear because of the stereotypes around the industry of banking offshore.

“As a result of the fact that we are in the Bahamas, we are in a state of constant discrimination on the part of larger countries and large financial institutions. We, however, observe strict policy in the field of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism and operate in full compliance with international agreements on transparency, such as, for example, the Law on taxation of foreign accounts (FATCA) and the common standard on exchange of tax information (CRS)”, — said the head of Deltec Bank.

That Tether could find a banking partner in the Bahamas, first became known in mid-October. Then it was reported that affiliated with Tether Bitfinex team has partnered with the Hong Kong Bank of Communications, partly owned by the financial conglomerate HSBC Holdings. This information, however, while the confirmation is not received.