The startup allegedly launched with the support of the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, maintains an active advertising campaign in Facebook, according to CoinDesk.

Members of social networks are lured to a website that looks like a news portal for CNN Tech. In the “article” explains that the Ministry of Finance New Zealand has just signed a deal for $250 million for the purchase of the startup’s Bitcoin Revolution. Links to the fake web site is accompanied by screaming slogans in the style of “Any new Zealander from 30 to 45 should try it.”

The scammers used photographs of the Prime Minister of the country (and in some cases the image of the US President Donald trump), to publish them looked convincing. As soon as news about the proliferation of fake articles came to NZ government officials filed a complaint to Facebook with the requirement to remove such materials.

The administration of Facebook was able to remove only a portion of links — some of them are still present in the social network.

The company acknowledged:

We are not able to manually or in automatic mode to monitor the increasing flow of fake news stories that unfairly use pictures of the Prime Minister.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that new Zealand police urged residents not to succumb to the tricks of scammers offering investments in cryptocurrency projects. In most cases this leads to loss of savings.