On Friday, August 31 was held a regular videoconference of the developers of Ethereum, during which the participants agreed with the proposal EIP-1234, providing a reduction in the emission of new coins in the block with the current 2 ETH 3 to ETH. It is reported by CoinDesk.

It is expected that the EIP-1234 will be activated during the upcoming hard forks of Ethereum called Constantinople.

The conference was attended by 14 developers, thus draws attention to the fact that investors and miners present at the meeting last week, this time was not invited.

Also the participants of the meeting agreed to postpone the introduction of “bombs of complexity” for 12 months. “Bomb complexity” is a part of the code, and its purpose is the transition to the consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake.

We will remind, last meeting considered several options to reduce awards to the miners, however, as agreed by the developers, EIP-1234 would be the most conservative of them.

Depending on how the network will react to change the code, Explorer security issues Martin Svend suggested to return to discussion of this issue in eight months.

“I think we need to maintain a conservative approach regarding the changes and make them gradually, without imposing the community,” said Svend.

Also eight months after Constantinople, which will be held in October, will be held another major upgrade of Ethereum.

At the same time, the participants did not come to a consensus regarding the limits of ASIC mining. The developer of Ethereum Foundation Danny Ryan in particular said that this issue requires further research, it is possible that for these purposes can be allocated a separate grant.