As a result of another allocation of the complexity of the bitcoin mining at night on 1 January this figure rose to 10%. This is the first increase of complexity from October 2018.

The difficulty of mining is a parameter blockchain network, showing how difficult it is to produce a mathematical calculation for finding the new block, respectively, to obtain a reward.

Thus, according to Bitcoin Wisdom, the result of a new recalculation complexity is increased by 10%

Simultaneously, over the past few days has grown slightly and Hasrat bitcoin total computing power mining equipment involved in the process of mining cryptocurrency.

Together for December 2018, Hasrat of bitcoin has increased by approximately 35%, making the last day of the year 43 291 797 TH/s. However, these figures are still quite far from the peak performance Aug 2018 – 61 866 256 TH/s.

Recall that the complexity of the bitcoin mining for 2018 fell five times, starting in November, this has only happened three times in a row. The largest such decrease is more than 15% — was observed in early December. After another two week this figure fell by another 10%.

Meanwhile, the new year the market of cryptocurrency meets a slight decrease in quotations. So, as of 18:30 UTC the average rate of bitcoin falling per day by 1.72%, was $3,723.87. XRP fell by about 1% and was assessed $0.353780, 1.61% fell in the price of ETH – at the time of publication, his average rate was $134.38. The total capitalization of the market 125,7 billion (bitcoin 51.7 per cent).

As mentioned earlier ForkLog, cryptocurrency expert by the Wall Street Journal Paul Vigna came to the conclusion that against the background of falling global indices bitcoin has become more closely correlated with gold.

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