The blockchain is a leading company of Ukraine Distributed Lab announced the release of the framework for developers platforms tokenization assets. It’s a new product called TokenD and focused on reducing cost, risks and deadlines of projects in the field tokenization assets. He also aims to lower the threshold for market entry blockchain projects.

According to the company, TokenD is the main product and it can be described as “WordPress for tokenization assets”.

“We believe that 20 years from now all your systems will use cryptography and the blockchain, and strive to bring the onset of that future. It is a market of trillions of dollars”, — said the co-founder of the Distributed Lab Paul Kravchenko.

The target audience of the platform, a company creating custom solutions for STO, digital banks, tablconv, crowdfunding, marketplace of art and intellectual property, tokenization of real estate and many other assets that make sense the emergence of a secondary market.

“Since 2014 we have done more than 15 projects that somehow have licenzirovanie various assets. In 2017 it is the understanding of what should be a universal product for developers creating a complete ecosystem for digitized assets. Almost any project requires tokenization private blockchain, payment system, internal exchange, wallets, modules user management, permissions and roles, customize, commissions and limits, payment gateways for deposits of Fiat and cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding”, stated CEO Lab Distributed Vladimir Dubinin.

CTO Distributed Lab Dmitry Gaidarenko added that with the release of TokenD for the development of enterprise blockchain projects no longer require a blockchain developers or specialists on security, since all the potentially problematic areas are encapsulated in modules with clear API.

TokenD distributed through partners Distributed Lab at the standard corporate model — monthly or lifetime license.

Distributed Lab are on the market from 2014, focusing on corporate projects tokenization assets. The company became the winner of the hackathon for tokenization, organized by the Central Bank of Lithuania and funds in Luxembourg. The company also is known as organizer of conferences and BIP BlockchainUA.

In June 2018 in Distributed Lab invested the billionaire founder of Playtech Teddy Sagi, with a combined fortune of $3.3 billion ranks sixth in the list of the richest people of Israel according to Forbes. Earlier the company has provided the former managing Director on derivatives market of the Moscow exchange and ex-head of the Supervisory Board of the National Depository of Ukraine Roman Suljic.

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