Representatives from IBM and a startup Stellar on the Money 2020 conference Asia in Singapore said that on the basis of their product created in 2018, the blockchain-Blockchain system IBM World Wire (BWW) may be running stabilini six international banks, among which are named the Brazilian Banco Bradesco, South Korea’s Busan and the Philippine Bank Corporation Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. These financial institutions have signed the relevant agreement of intent.

According to the head of the blockchain and cryptocurrency trends in IBM Jesse Lund (Jesse Lund), some of tablconv will be linked to the Indonesian rupiah and the Euro.

IBM enthusiastic about this opportunity “to build something new and revolutionary that will change the usual pattern in the field of cross-border payments”. In all, 44 international Bank is ready to carry out such payments with the help of BWW and token-Stellar (XLM), and the system supports 47 currencies in 72 countries around the world.

Recall, Lund hinted that IBM may release stablon for interbank payments. In addition, in his opinion, the future price of bitcoin reaches $1 million