Develop State Association scientific and applied research (CSIRO) and the Sydney University blockchain Red Belly showed a throughput of 30 thousand transactions per second. It is reported by CCN.

Testing was performed on the basis of the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). In previous tests, the blockchain showed much more dramatic results — up to 660 thousand transactions per second, ten times higher than the performance of the payment system Visa. However, the experiment was conducted on the basis of a local network of 300 machines.

The last test was conducted on the basis of 1000 virtual machines from 14 geographic regions, including North America, Europe, South America and the Asia-Pacific region.

“The deployment of the blockchain Red Belly on AWS demonstrated exceptional scalability and power of next generation technology distributed registry”, — said the representatives of the CSIRO.

We will remind, earlier the engineer Blockstream Christian Decker expressed the view that due to the Lightning Network, the bitcoin can surpass the largest payment systems, including Visa.