As follows from the documents published by the U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO), the American company Intuit received a patent for processing payments in bitcoin via text (SMS) messages.

Patent application describing a system by which users will be able to transfer funds in bitcoins by sending SMS from their mobile, was submitted in 2014. In the same year the application for accounting QuickBooks from Intuit has partnered with BitPay to create a PayByCoin service that allows business customers to pay bills in bitcoins.

In the text of the patent States:

Invention […] involves the receipt of a payment service from a mobile device belonging to the sender of the payment, a text message, which contains information on the size of the payment and the identifier of the mobile device of the recipient, as well as the verification text message at least on the basis of the balance of the virtual account of the payer, the payment support service.

Further, the patent describes the operation of the Intuit virtual accounts that are created to manage the system and various possible approaches to the confirmation of the validity of transactions. One of them will be “receiving a voice call (no need to answer it) within a specified period of time” after the delivery of a text message to check the ID of the mobile device.

The other option is a password system, controlled via SMS, and virtual accounts associated identifiers of mobile devices.

The use of mobile phones can significantly increase access to cryptocurrencies to the inhabitants of those countries where there are problems with the banking service, the Internet or where computers are too expensive.