On 29 January in Berlin at a meeting of developers using Parity Technologies, the project team Airalab demonstrated the method of running the robot with a decentralized network technology Substrate.

The tool Substrate is integrated with the developed Parity Protocol interoperability Polkadot and allows for a short time to create a customized blackany for decentralized applications.

“The support Substrate is the most direct way to run Maracana in Polkadot. In our case, parachanna built to control the robotics. Robovoice will allow you to combine Ethereum and Polkadot to control the robotics, and that means that community will become available to more decentralized networks for automation tasks”, — said the leader of the team Airalab Sergei Anshakov.

Substrate uses library libp2p from the creators of the Interplanetary file system (IPFS). Code example Ribonomic on Substrate can be found on page Airalab on GitHub.

“Substrate is a good alternative Hyperledger for corporate clients. The solution on the Substrate can be run separately from the world in a private corporate network, and the time when the corporate machine will understand that it is necessary to join milochenko a shared space project on the Substrate to perform this maneuver is not so difficult,” — said the engineer Airalab Alisher Khasanov.

Airalab the developers hope to enlist the support of the community in the creation of parachanna Ribonomic. To do this they need a voice, backed up by the points at the time of the launch of the network Polkadot.

Readers ForkLog can also join online lesson on how to control the Rover using the Substrate according to the link.

Recall that a beta version of the tool Substrate were launched by developers Parity Technologies in December 2018.