Analysts international platform eToro social trading has published the results of studies of its user base. Among other things, they found that the vast majority of the crypto traders has no previous experience in trading on stock exchanges, Ripple is the most “feminine” of digital assets.

The report data were collected from March 2017 to February 2018 by which experts analyzed public profiles cryptocurrency investors using eToro, and made a demographic profile of their customers — from gender and age to work.

It turned out that the vast majority of traders have no experience of stock trading and investing. So, 81,96% of them are at the level “beginners” of 10.66% — “average” and only 7.38 per cent of users can be called “advanced”.

At the same time, workers in the sphere of information technologies amount to a total of 15.05% of the user base eToro, representatives of the financial industry — 8,48%, industry sales and marketing of 14.49%. At 30% of capturadora on the site currently are unemployed: among them 13,85% students 2.06 percent retired, and 14,74% are simply unemployed.

The report also noted a significant gender imbalance in the industry: only 8.5% of users of eToro, women. It is noteworthy that preferences on the part of the digital asset are different: while bitcoin is equally popular with both sexes, more women are interested in Ripple, while men are more inclined to Classic Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash. Senior market analyst at eToro Mattie Greenspan even noted specifically in the letter to investors that “women love Ripple”.

Recall that almost exactly a year ago, representatives of eToro said that over the previous 12 months, the volume of trading digital currencies on the platform increased by 4500%.