Steve Wozniak endorsed the recent statement by the CEO of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey, expressing hope that bitcoin will become a single global digital currency. About this co-founder of Apple, said in an interview with CNBC during the conference, Money 20/20, which takes place this week in Amsterdam.

“I agree with Jack Dorsey. Not that I necessarily believe it will happen, but because I want it to be so, it is so pure thinking”, — said Wozniak.

That he hopes that bitcoin will become a “native currency” of the Internet Jack Dorsey said during a may conference Consensus 2018 in new York.

Steve Wozniak also commented on this aspect of cryptocurrency, as it is a limited issue. He stressed that he is not an investor, supporting more bitcoin from a technological point of view.

He also said about the advantages of bitcoin over other digital currencies.

“Only the bitcoin is a pure digital gold, and I totally believe it. All other [of cryptocurrency] tend to abandon some aspects of bitcoin. For example, the complete decentralization and the absence of external control,”— said Wozniak.

Earlier, Wozniak stated that the technology of the distributed registry is “a great idea” because it can find application in completely diverse industries, and to achieve the full potential of the blockchain and cryptocurrency will take a decade.