Marketplace StellarX trading assets on the blockchain Stellar, announced the launch of a decentralized platform with zero commissions and support Fiat money.

The functionality of the exchange is a little different from existing exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain, but in contrast to the same IDEX and EtherDelta, where still need to pay for gas, the exchange does not charge a Commission from the users due to its unique mechanism of consesus.


In addition, StellarX supports Fiat currency. While at the site of implemented transactions with Bank accounts in the United States through the ACH network, in the future it is also planned support for the Euro, British pound, Chinese yuan, Philippine peso, Nigerian Naira’s, the Hong Kong dollar. StellarX also plans to add support for tokens on other blockchains.

Recall that in late August the company ADAB Solutions from the United Arab Emirates has launched the first cryptocurrency exchange that is compatible with the Sharia set of rules based on the Koran. Marketplace called the First Islamic cryptocurrency exchange (First Islamic Crypto Exchange or FICE).