Platform instant exchange scriptaction ShapeShift presented the updated analytical service The company announced in a blog post.

Also this was written by the CEO and founder of ShapeShift Eric Vorhes.

Very proud to announce the launch of the CoinCap platform. Reliable real-time crypto market data, 1200+ assets, 65+ exchanges, market volume metrics, new comprehensive API TradingView charts, and… no obnoxious banner ads. Also Dark Mode for 1337 hax0rs

— Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees) 27 September 2018 R.

He noted that CoinCap provides users with reliable market data, including real-time updated data about more than 1200 scriptactive, 65 exchanges, different metrics and charts from TradingView. Also, according to Eric Vorhees, the service supports “night mode”, adapted for mobile devices and contains no advertising.

Also the blog notes that the version CoinCap for mobile operating systems iOS and Android will appear at the end of this year.

ForkLog previously reported that cryptologist harshly criticized the new rules for ShapeShift, assuming the implementation of procedures, AML/KYC and collection of personal data of users.

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