Platform instant exchange scriptaction ShapeShift Bitfract acquired a startup developing tools for more effective exchange of cryptocurrency, according to CoinDesk.

Developers based in Texas Bitfract startup has created a solution that allows you to exchange bitcoin to “tens of scriptaction per transaction”. This tool allows kriptosistem quickly and easily create a portfolio of digital assets without committing a lot of transactions.

“It was a great demonstration of strategy and thinking. Their performance was so exceptional that we wanted to attract their talented team and technology”, — said CEO of the platform ShapeShift Eric Vorhes.

Bitfract gives investors the opportunity to choose the percentage they wish to place in various assets, then send the funds to the appropriate address, following just one bitcoin transaction.

According to the developers, the new service can be useful to kriptosistem wishing to save time and reduce transaction fees when you create a portfolio of digital assets, as well as its rebalancing. Also, according to the creators Bitfract, a new solution to a certain extent relieves captainvalor from having the use of centralized trading platforms.

Team ShapeShift intends to keep the product from Bitfract in its current form, integrating it into its platform.

We will remind, earlier ShapeShift acquired a manufacturer of hardware wallets KeepKey.