Institutional Seed CX crypto currency exchange has announced the launch of the market spot trade digital assets for financial institutions.

Company of Chicago claims that they were the first company that has launched a platform for spot trading cryptocurrencies exclusively for agencies. Seed CX also intend soon to offer institutional clients trading cryptocurrency derivatives.

The original spot platform Seed CX proposed a trade a few bitcoin to US dollar. During the first quarter needs to be added support for other major cryptocurrency, as well as the Euro and the Japanese yen. The input and output means including digital, the platform will take a Commission. In addition Seed CX assures that the trading platform fees are among the lowest in the industry.

β€œIn the markets spot trade of digital assets, but none of them is our vision to create institutional experience in technology, operations and compliance,” said co-founder and CEO of Seed CX Edward Woodford (Edward Woodford).

Previously, the company presented its solution for the storage of digital assets β€” unlike most exchanges that use centralized crypto, Seed CX will support for each individual client. The company believes that it provides greater security.

With the massive arrival on the market of cryptocurrency trading by institutional investors is associated a further increase in their prices and wide acceptance. A number of companies in the industry creates and develops solutions for institucionales, for example, BitGo and Coinbase or Genesis Global Trading. Cryptologist also expects
start trading on the platforms Bakkt and Fidelity, is designed for large investors. But, according to analysts of JPMorgan Chase, a prolonged bear market has led to the fact that companies do not come to coptorhina, and leave it. In turn, the experts of the research company Diar believe that institutional investors simply switching from stock over the counter trading (OTC) scriptactive.