Since April TrustToken platform gives traders an opportunity to monitor the balance stable TrueUSD tokens and their security dollars.

According to the statement TrustToken, the toolbar to monitor real-time pegged to the dollar stablein developed accounting and consulting firm Armanino, and the platform will be her exclusive client.

Partnership with Armanino will improve the transparency of reporting on TrueUSD “from months to minutes,” stressed the statement.

“Over the past year we realized the value of trust and transparency for success TrueUSD. Verifying real-time funds provided by one of the world’s leading accounting firms, traders will always know that they are tokens backed by real value,” said co-founder TrustToken Rafael Cosman (Rafael Cosman).

The platform also announced the reduction of the minimum purchase amount and repayment TrueUSD from $10 thousand to $1 thousand. Moreover, verified users can use the repayment cryptocurrency “one-click” — send tokens to the personal account of the maturity of any purse and get automatic Bank transfer in dollars.

Recall that the company Circle to confirm the security of your stablein USDC appealed to the services of the auditing company. Grant Thornton LLP monthly report confirms the presence of Fiat in the accounts Circle of the funds corresponding to the emission of tokens.