Shadow of the cryptocurrency market in Moscow is booming. Russian journalist Alena Sukharevskaya from the newspaper Gazette recently published an article on the results of his research. In offices, shopping malls and supermarkets are hundreds of secret deals. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase large amounts of cryptocurrency, while remaining anonymous.

The daily turnover of the hidden cryptocurrency market

While the Russian authorities are engaged in the study of reposts Vkontakte, the Moscow establishment prefers cryptoprotection. Why expose yourself when you can stay in the shadows and work for the good of the cryptocurrency movement?

In the business center “Moscow-city” Sukharevskaya found several cryptocurrency exchanges. One of them is called “Corporation Berkut”. Its founder, a former player of basketball club of CSKA Denis Polokhin, personally guarantees the security and confidentiality of all transactions.

The average daily turnover of this exchanger is greater than 100 BTC (about 650 thousand dollars). Trades are closed only when the client independently verify the receipt of the cryptocurrency in a wallet. Sometimes, the daily turnover can grow to $ 2 million.

Oligarchs, money and guns

The exchanger works only in offline mode. Clients come to the office with cash and documents confirming their origin. Cashiers count the money while the client is waiting in the break room with leather furniture, plasma walls, video game consoles and even mining hardware.

The exchange of large sums it takes at least 30 minutes — so much time is the transaction confirmation in the bitcoin blockchain. Usually Polokhin causes security expert and together they scan the database to see whether the client is a criminal. Wishing to sell the cryptocurrency no documents required.

This type of cryptobiina can be called pseudo-anonymous, since the staff knows who the buyer is. According to Palagina, most of his clients are big businessmen with personal armed guards. Despite some similarities to the 1990s, Polokhin talking with clients as equals and kindly asks them to provide the relevant documents. Also checked their passports to avoid deals with criminals. However, information is not stored anywhere.

International cryptocurrency center

International kriptotsentr also located in the business centre “Moscow-city”. It is located on the ground floor of the complex “City of capitals”. CEO Roman Krajniak says that the exchanger is completely legal, as alleged is a division of an Estonian company Aridika Asset Management. In this Baltic country of cryptocurrency business is completely legitimate.

Many of the outlets blindly reprint this information despite the fact that in the Estonian state register the company with the same name does not appear. At the same time, the official website Aridika States that the main office is located in Moscow.

The administrator of the exchanger told reporters that a year ago the buyers were a continuous stream. Today, the service is visited by about ten people. Krainiak says that at least half of them buys tokens to Finance the development of ICO projects.

Another important category of buyers — the Chinese merchants from the flea markets of Moscow. They account for about 30% of the volume. Merchants send the cryptocurrency to his home in Hong Kong.

Two more groups are traders and dealers. Each accounts for about 10% of the volume. Anonymity here. No one asks any questions. Some of the exchangers is difficult to find, since their addresses are specified only on special sites on the Internet, and outside you can’t understand what they’re trading cryptocurrency.

Flea markets of Moscow and transfers to Hong Kong

Thousands of small companies delivering goods from China, supplying wholesale markets “Moscow”, “green thumb” and “South gate”. Then, these products differ by country. Previously, merchants had to use the services of banks, which transferred the money to Hong Kong for their special channels.

In 2013, Russian authorities declared war on corruption in the industry, and the bankers ceased to use gray schemes transfers. Instead of asking for help from centralized institutions, Chinese merchants with the Moscow bazaars switched to cryptocurrency. Secretly sending money through bitcoins, they cleverly avoid state control.

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies, just visit the market “the Gardener” and ask the salespeople to take you to the “right” guy. Usually he lives in a warehouse or in a nondescript office nearby.

Daily traders “Gardener” buy the cryptocurrency of approximately $ 10 million. The volume is comparable to the momentum, “Moscow city”. However, the head of the financial monitoring Department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Yuri Polupanov notes that the daily circulation of all cryptocurrency grey market of the capital does not exceed 8.6 million dollars.

Other exchange offices in Moscow

A quick search online gives a list of information portal Mosmap with more than ten hidden cryptocurrency exchanges. It contains their phones, contacts in social networks and addresses. There are also the aforementioned “eagle”. You can also look for reliable offline merchants using the service, LocalBitcoins.

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