Scriptbank Wirex announced that it will add to its financial assets cryptocurrency WAVES emitted by the same name on blockchain platform. As a result, the holders of the WAVES will have the opportunity to directly exchange them to Fiat currency and pay them even in those shops that do not work with cryptocurrencies.

Kicking off 2019 on a high note, we’re delighted to welcome a new token to the Wirex platform! 🙌
If you suffer from #hearingloss or are hard of hearing, please DM us so we can provide you with the script 👍#BTC #LTC #XRP #ETH #WAVES pic.twitter.com/TYUtfOGLvM

— Wirex (@wirexapp) January 10, 2019

“The growth of crypto currencies in our wallet not only contributes to a more balanced investment cryptoperthite, but also allows the holders of the WAVES to use the cryptocurrency in everyday life and to be confident in the security of their savings and transactions as e-money license FCA guarantees them their rights,” said co-founder and CEO of Wirex Dmitry Nazarychev.

Today, the blockchain Waves is one of the fastest in the world. October 25, it was processed more than 6 million transactions. For comparison, the Ethereum blockchain allows to process about 500 thousand transactions a day, Bitcoin – about 100 thousand.

According to Lazarieva, these and other aspects give reason to believe that mutually beneficial cooperation Wirex and Waves Platform will contribute to the achievement of new goals, will allow to conquer new markets and strengthen its position on the old.

Although the partnership with Wirex is positive for WAVES on the cryptocurrency rate is almost not affected. At the time of publication of news of the token was trading at $2,76.

We will remind that in September of Waves tokens have been added to the listing Bithumb.