One of the early adopters of bitcoin, and now a supporter of Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver said that he owns the resource tried to attack government-sponsored hackers.

Monday, March 4, entrepreneur posted on Reddit a screenshot of the notification from the Google Suite, which he reported on a potential attack on one of the email addresses editions.

Roger Ver did not miss the opportunity to use this occasion to once again promote a resource that is already for a long time been criticized for deliberate misrepresentation of users regarding bitcoin.

“Under the government-sponsored attack, we probably were due to the fact that creates tools that give the world of economic freedom,” — wrote a businessman.

In August 2018, Google reported improvement function that you will be able to use the administrators account G Suite to configure special alerts that will notify you about the intrusion attempts of the government hackers in one of these accounts.

This feature exists since 2012 — when Google first introduced the notification system. In 2017, the Corporation is completely updated and redesigned this system. Alerts about intrusion attempts on the part of any government usually come upon detecting phishing schemes, malware attachments, or brute force attacks that come from hacker groups, the structures of government.

We will remind, in February, Roger Ver joined the list of investors Swiss investment blockchain-Blockchain Pangea Foundation Fund. The company has raised a total of $22 million, but intends to increase the amount of funding to $200 million.