The Company Ripple Labs Inc. reported that she was able to come to an agreement “on all pending litigation” between HoldCo LLC R3, R3 LLC and XRP II, LLC.

A press release was published on 10 September. According to him, the details of the agreement will be kept confidential, while “both parties intend to leave the trial.”

Lawsuit between Ripple Labs and a consortium of R3 was launched in September last year, when the latter appealed to the courts of Delaware and new York, saying that Ripple Labs has violated the terms of the agreement, according to which the R3 could buy up to 5 billion XRP at a price of $0,0085 per token until end of 2019.

Delaware court refused to hear the case in October of the same year, directing the plaintiff in new York and California. Ripple Labs subsequently filed a countersuit in California, where R3 accused in violation of many terms of the agreement.

Over the past year Ripple was involved in several court cases. In may, investor Ryan Coffey addressed the court, saying that XRP is a valuable paper, which is spreading illegally engaged in Ripple. He also said that he lost $551,89, believing the statements made by the company on the prospects of XRP and investing in the cryptocurrency of their funds.

Recently, Ripple has managed to achieve the unification of the two class actions with the mention of cryptocurrency XRP into one.

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