Since the creation of the industry of online betting players around the world had several limitations, primarily due to centralized control. CyBet — world’s first decentralized system for online bets based on the blockchain, which with its advanced technology and anonymity of players determined to change the world of online bets.

How To Operate Normal Services Rates?

Although there are many disadvantages of conventional and widely popular online betting platforms operating in the market today, some of the most significant of them are listed below:

1. Centralized economy
online rates currently on the market followed by a centralized economic approach. What this means is, no special arrangement is the fact that all of these rates will accept cash in the form of online payments and make bets on behalf of players, and if they win, the profit is credited to their Bank account. Although there are a few limitations to this system, one of the main drawbacks is the fact that the service rates are responsible for the money, and thus, they usually take a fair share of wins of all players.

2. The lack of anonymity
Online betting and any other form of betting, in General, is a risky sport. While the player bet, winning or losing is always 50/50, the chances of getting serious. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, work on a centralized economic system does not allow players to be anonymous, and thus, when there are consequences, all the players associated with the organization of bets, one way or another affected.

3. Limited Opportunities
If you are an experienced player of online betting, you are well aware of this. Most of the services of online betting to allow users and players to bet only on selected number of sports that they have in the database, and nothing more. This restriction not only limits the enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm of the players on these sites, but also significantly reduces the chances of higher profit.

What Distinguishes CyBet?

As mentioned above, CyBet is an online portal rates based on a blockchain and is the first and only of its kind. Based on the technology of the blockchain allows users CyBet to enjoy the following benefits:-

1. Decentralized Economy
According to the founders, CyBet — world’s first decentralized portal online bets. Decentralization means that it is platform-driven community and platform users full control of their money and no one else.

2. Anonymity
As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, anonymity in the economy of online betting is an essential need. Based on the technology of the blockchain means that all the users registered on the platform, completely anonymous at all times. Not only that, it reduces the chances of risk of loss several times, but it also removes all the pain from identity theft that is so common on web portals these days.

3. Wide selection: when you register on a normal portal of online betting limits the ability of players to bet on any sports of their choice, CyBet platform allows users to bet on any sport of your choice worldwide, completely anonymous at any time.

CyBet-Troubleshooting the current system rates

CyBet changes the ecosystem of online bets using the blockchain technology. He created ecosystem in which players can participate in several games from around the world with optimum safety, efficiency and confidentiality.

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