The attorney General of the state of new York Eric Schneiderman has left her after the publication of the New York Times, an article appeared about how he beat his four mistresses.

Former partner Schneiderman said that in the years 2013-2017, he repeatedly beat them and threatened violence. To give their names, agreed only two women — Michelle manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam. The rest wished to remain anonymous, explaining that fear for their safety.

The victims reported that they had found each other by chance — with the help of online campaigns for women’s rights #MeToo. The movement arose after there were allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Schneiderman himself has previously publicly stated support for the movement #MeToo.

However, now the former Prosecutor of the state of new York rejected the accusations in his address.

“Against me, there have been several serious allegations, which I categorically reject. These charges are not related to my professional activities, but they do not allow me to lead the Agency at this critical moment. I am resigning my post at the end of the day may 8, 2018”, — said Schneiderman.

All the victims consisted with Sneiderman in sexual relations and stated that violence in their relationship, he showed without mutual consent.

Recall that in April, Eric Schneiderman sent out a request to the 13 major bitcoin exchanges, inviting them to disclose detailed information about their activities. Some of the exchange supported the initiative, and even Coinbase has revealed some information publicly.

At the same time, the exchange Kraken refused to answer the Prosecutor’s request, stating his unwillingness to support the inadequate regulation of the cryptocurrency industry in statenew York.

In accordance with the Constitution of new York to fill the vacancy of the attorney-General may state legislature. However, given the upcoming November election, any person elected by the legislators of this post to elaborate on this post a few months.

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