Data report prepared by PwC and the Crypto Valley Association show that despite the downturn in the cryptocurrency market, for the first half of 2018 ICO’s projects has surpassed the results of the 2017 and attracted two times more funding.

“Since the beginning of the year was 537 ICO with total assets of $13.7 billion For comparison: in 2017, the total was 552 ICO with a total volume of $7 billion Average amount of ICO has also doubled, from $12.8 million to more than $25.5 million,” – said in the report.

Special attention analysts have paid Telegram ICO and EOS, which raised $1.7 billion and $4.1 billion, respectively. In addition, in their opinion, due to osobennost regulation of the largest ICO-hubs of the world were the USA, Singapore and Switzerland.

We will remind that according to information resources Coinopsy and Dead Coins, about 1 thousand cryptoprocta have not begun to develop and completely stopped the activity after attracted funding during the ICO. And according to the published in March of this year of the Satis Group LLC, 80% of ICO with a market capitalization from $50 million are a Scam. And only 8% reach the stage of trade tokens on the exchange.