According to a survey conducted in June by Harris analytical Insights and CryptoStream Gem, 50% of Americans are willing to try a new asset class.

At the moment, any number of cryptocurrencies has 8% of Americans. The most popular for investment are bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

It is noteworthy that investment in cryptocurrency more popular among people with low incomes. Based on survey data, only 6% of those with annual income greater than $100 thousand, are owners of the cryptocurrency. Among earning between $50K to $74.9 thousand, the figure is 11%. And even among those less than $50 thousand a year, owners of digital assets was 7%.

Be alerted supporters of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have another number obtained as the result of the survey: 41% of respondents stated that nothing would encourage them to invest in digital assets.

However, 50% of respondents are willing in the future to try investing in cryptocurrency, and 20% of them said that this can stimulate additional information about the new asset class.

Recall that according to the survey, conducted in may by the companies Wells Fargo and Gallup, among us investors, only 2% have investments in bitcoin, and 26% are interested in this.