Venture company Pantera Capital over the past six months raised $25 million for its third cryptoforge with a capital of $175 million, which is investing in companies in the later stages of collecting funding. According to CoinDesk, today its assets are $125 million, with about $100 million was reported in August last year.

Partner Gender Verdichtet (Paul Veradittikit) comments publication explained that in a bear market financing has slowed down across the industry, and Pantera Capital has received financial support from wealthy individuals, companies managing family capital, and those who can quickly move funds.

He also believes that the project, which closes the current round of financing in March, will receive the missing $50 million. According to him, the company is a lot of talks with new institutional investors and is ready to support 30-50 projects in the areas of custodial services, commercial exchanges, asset management, infrastructure, marketplace and institutionalization.

Recall that two other Fund Pantera Capital has provided financial support to 44 companies. The head of the project Dan Morehead (Dan Morehead) said that the periods of bear market criptural experienced before, and the current market situation bodes well for the future of bitcoin and the blockchain.