Developer of the popular Opera browser released a dedicated desktop version of their SOFTWARE is focused on users of crypto-currencies. This writes TheNextWeb.

In a new browser company called Opera Labs, by default, integrated cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to transfer funds via the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, the browser can be used for communication with decentralized applications.

Currently the Mozilla Labs open only to limited group of beta testers. They’ve got the opportunity to tie the browser to the wallet in the mobile version of Opera for devices based on Android and use their cryptocurrency to confirm transactions by using a fingerprint. Additional wallets at the same time they register is not required.

Opera claims that the private keys are stored “in the mobile phone and never leave its limits.” Initially, the developers have only implemented support for the Ethereum cryptocurrency and token on its blockchain, however, a company representative said that they are interested in expanding the list of supported assets in the future, but declined to give details.

On the development of the desktop browser support for cryptocurrency Opera announced in August. According to the company, the approved beta testers can expect to receive invitations to testing; other users will have to wait for the full release, the timing of which is not yet known.

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