Users of the social network Twitter has an opportunity due to the expansion of Tippin to make micropayments using the network of the second level Lightning Network.

As noted in his blog, blockchain developer Dan Rusnak, to begin to send and receive micropayments, the Twitter user must install the extension Tippin, available for Chrome or Firefox. Then next to the Like and Retweet buttons will appear a lightning symbol.

After clicking on this symbol, a Twitter user can encourage any tweet with a micropayment. Those who wish to get a small reward for your tweets, you need to log in to the service Tippin with a Twitter account. This will create the corresponding LN-wallet.

To begin to promote tweets with micropayments, you need a Lightning-wallet and payment outdoor channel. Open last can and with Tippin.

Note that the service interacts not only with Twitter. Users can install button to accept payments on their blogs and websites.

Recently, the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey endorsed the idea of promoting tweets a small amount of Satoshi:



Love the idea

Amjad [email protected]

Imagine a world where you can tip people with some satoshis for their tweets. I bet content quality will go up. @jack make it happen! …