FINTECH-a company Circle at the end of 2018 reported to hold in their over-the-counter platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies more than 10 thousand transactions between 600 users and 36 scriptactive – for a total of $24 billion.

Thus, in the Circle came to the conclusion that the company was “the main supplier of liquidity for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, including miners, traders, developers and founders of projects, venture capital firms, hedge funds and managing family capital of the company worldwide”.

In General Circle the user base grew to 8 million customers in 195 countries around the world and spent more than 200 million transactions to $75 billion, and the output at the institutional level with products such as Circle Trade crypto currency exchange Poloniex and stablein USDC has enabled her to attract around 1,000 institutional clients.

We will remind that in December, the American division of the international organization of auditing, accounting and consulting firms Grant Thornton International re-affirmed full support stablon USDC USD.