Before you start the main service from Streamity left quite a bit of time. In anticipation of this event, was presented the alpha version, which gave the opportunity to test and verify the capabilities of the service.

StreamDesk is a decentralized platform for exchange of cryptocurrencies based on the architecture of smart contract and API payment systems. It gives the user? First of all it is very simple. The user should specify the address of your blockchain wallet in the system and the process is simple and automated. No need to go to a third party service to send the cryptocurrency to see any balance or perform any actions on the platform, while the cryptocurrency is never within the system that increases safety to a maximum, compared to centralized services. The same applies to Fiat currency. The whole process is automated and fully decentralized.

Guarantee the deal. While the cryptocurrency is in the smart contract and is awaiting transfer of Fiat funds in the given time interval, there is no way to access the smart contract, the only reason to unlock is a signal from the payment system. What gives you the right to guarantee the security of the transaction.

“We are developing rapidly and quickly added many changes to the functionality of the platform, so we decided to share future plans and to talk about important innovations”, says CEO Streamity Kuznetsov Vladislav.

Perhaps the main news is the addition of new crypto-currencies in the system. We decided to go by adding not just cryptocurrencies and blockchains in the system. Thanks to smart contracts platform ensures safety, so first of all, we add on services such cryptocurrency, such as: NEM, NEO, EOS, ADA, QTUM. Now we are negotiating with them about the partnership. Inside their smart contracts will be made peer-to-peer sharing and we have the right to call our platform unites blackany. We have also worked hard over the use of atomic transactions within the system.

Another important news – at the time of launch of the service June 25, decided to temporarily not to implement the rates in the system and to give all users the opportunity to get acquainted with the platform and complete the transaction with absolutely no commissions! The beta version will work simultaneously in combat and a test mode and a decision on implementation of the commissions will be made within one month, so everyone needs to hurry and now is the time to register within the system. We remind you that certain holders of the tokens will remain the possibility of performing transactions without fees, all you will need is to keep tokens on the balance sheet.

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