Team Foundation launched the NEM in Australia center which will study the applications of cryptocurrency and distributed technology registry. He is in Melbourne and will work with startups that create products for business, announced the press center of the company, as well as helping to run the blockchain projects in the field of social welfare and public administration.

Jiang Chen, representing the NEM Foundation in Australia and New Zealand, said that last year the cryptocurrency the project was able to significantly strengthen its positions in the Asia-Pacific region. Opening blachan hub on the continent will be another step towards the expansion of the company.

Chan said:

The launch of blockchain-centre in Melbourne is a sign of the desire of the team NEM to support innovation in Australia and in the world. For the first time the company started its operations in the country after the festival, Fintech Australia Intersekt, held last year. Currently NEM is present in more than 40 countries.

Similar blockchain-centers the startup team, launched in Westport (New Zealand) and Brisbane (Australia). In the future, NEM Foundation plans to become one of the largest cryptoprocta in the Asia-Pacific region.

In early April, NEM Foundation has announced a new stage in business development with a focus on the promotion of their own blockchain developments. In addition, the company has changed leadership, focusing on ambitious top managers.