Manufacturers blocks the network EOS has adopted a proposal to double the amount of RAM resource that you have to buy the developers of decentralized applications. The amount of memory in the network will be increased from 64 to 128 gigabytes. This writes the CCN.

The price of RAM is determined by the ratio of supply and demand, which, respectively, leads to market speculations. So, once the price reached 900 token EOS per megabyte, that is, developers had to pay more than $7.7 thousand over 1 megabyte of memory in the network. Given that the user account has 4 kilobytes of data, each new user of the app cost the developers $ 30.

The current price per megabyte, according MarketstackD is 202,76 EOS (~$1700).

The proposed increase in RAM has already taken 15 of 21 manufacturer’s blocks. Six other organizations, including stock exchanges Bitfinex and Huobi, from participating in the voting abstained. However, 15 of the votes cast is sufficient for the entry of sentence into force.

It is reported that with each new network block EOS the amount of available memory will increase by 1 kilobyte, which is about 120 kilobytes per minute.

Earlier, the founder of kleptomanka Digital Galaxy Mike Novogratz said that after a few months the performance of the EOS network will reach 50 thousand transactions per second.