Cryptocurrency market is something missing, and it’s not fancy algorithms and not pretentious marketing jargon. It is not common to think about time. Market fluctuations — it’s just spectacle for onlookers. Assets rise in price or fall — Twitter explodes. Technical analysis has become a collection of rumors and reading the site made by marketers.

In a world where time is money, time is the last frontier

Time somehow forgotten in the confusion. Forgot that the market is maturing at once that I cannot just jump to the future — innovation needs energy, and trial and error, and the only way there are breaks, moving the industry forward. We crawl is neither running nor flying. Little by little, step by step. Yes, it seems that at times we retreat, but this is only an illusion — even if the market stands still, progress continues.


The industry is moving forward regardless of the behavior of the market, simply because it attracts the best minds in the world. Smart people like to solve complex problems, and here a lot of them.

Neither cryptocurrency nor the ideas do not die — they belong to all participants of the process.

Since the creation of bitcoin, cryptonote getting better, more interesting, more difficult with each passing day, there is no undo. Even the breakups, bankruptcy, and fraud are opportunities for growth, including for innovation in the field of security. We go forward based on the mistakes.

Beautiful future

We hear all the time that in the future the value of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow. Although no one can predict the value of a specific asset, we can be sure that, indeed, the level of achievement in this area to increase, infrastructure will be more reliable, innovation will have a greater effect and flexibility will increase.

Thus, we can’t talk about the value of assets, but can talk about the values of the movement as a whole.


Awareness of what is happening gives a lot of opportunities. The optimal strategy in crypto-currencies should consider the time. Most of the tactics are dealing only with the increase or decrease of uncertainty in the short term, but it is irrelevant for the distant future. In the coming years the market will Mature and grow, and we can be sure that in the long run, growth also can not be avoided, and it should base its investment strategy.

Short term uncertainty should not affect our confidence in the future.

Neither the progress nor the spread of new technology does not happen instantly — they are built gradually, brick by brick. Imagine an unfinished house. Yes, now he’s of little use, but sooner or later it will finish, you just need to wait a bit, and the whole will become much more important than the sum of its parts.

The rebalancing of the portfolio

Strategies for optimizing the time a little, and the most famous of them is the rebalancing of the portfolio, long-term strategy aimed at future growth.

The time arbitration is simple: invest, forget, balansiruya. Depending on what kind of trend we are dealing with falling or rising, to predict long-term growth using different approaches.

The idea of rebalancing is that at the end of each time interval, we re-allocated the portfolio in accordance with the original purpose. Assets have shown good profitability during the last period in the next period can be a bad investment. Conversely, even if the asset had never generated profits, you need to consider the overall long-term upward trend.

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