Known programmer, entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast John McAfee (John McAfee) stated that in June BTC will reach quotes of $15 thousand per coin. However, in July, the first cryptocurrency will be a new price reduction, he added.

About this he wrote on Twitter. In his message he made the predictions more and five aldonas, including the most famous. So, in his opinion, new highs in mid-June reached Docademic (MTC) and Bezop (BEZ) — $0,73 $0,52, respectively (the price of both altcoins at the time of writing around $0,14 per coin).

My short term price predictions: in a major dip, with nearly everything dropping, the price of Docademic doubled since my prediction. The market will turn before June 12th and my predictions will hit. My algorithms predicted Trump’s June 12th date. They have never been wrong.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) May 24, 2018

In addition, according to McAfee, the Private Bitcoin (BTCP) by the end of July will rise to $200 from the current $25 (700% in two months). In the same period quotes Golem (GNT) will reach $5, which means a rise of 900% from the level of about $0.5, where Aldon is trading now.

Also by the end of July should reach a maximum and price the EOS, which is now trading at $12. McAfee says that by August it will rise to $32.

As noted by the programmer in his tweet, he rarely does short-term forecasts, so this is a “special case”.

A more famous forecast McAfee, in which he assured that the bitcoin price in 2020 will reach $1 million per coin. And, prior to that, he said that if by 2020 bitcoin will be worth $500 thousand, then he will eat your penis on national television. McAfee has not retracted his words, improving the forecast up to a million in BTC.