The head of Twitter and payment service Square Jack Dorsey said he believes only a matter of time integration of the Protocol of the bitcoin Network microtrace Lightning Cash App Cointelegraph writes.

He said this in an interview for a podcast about bitcoin, which leads Stephen Leaver. Another source host was Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth stark.

SLP52 @jack (CEO @square) & @starkness (CEO @lightning) — Bitcoin: Native Currency of the Internet

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— Stephan Livera (@stephanlivera) February 11, 2019

In particular, answering the question about the possible introduction of the Lightning Network in the Cash App, which in December 2018 has become the most popular financial app in the Google Play, Jack Dorsey said:

“We want to create a huge sales network of the most different size of enterprise […] We would like to make a bitcoin payment was fast and efficient… the Question is not “if”, it’s a matter of time.

Dorsey, who had previously stated that bitcoin will be the native currency of the Internet, also spoke about his admiration for early movement Shirobokov and how he met with “stunning, simple and beautiful” white paper of bitcoin. It happened in 2013, when Square was also only at the very beginning of his career. He also emphasized what sets bitcoin apart in comparison with other Althingi.

“I think it [bitcoin] exactly what is best suited to currencies. If you compare it with other [cryptocurrencies] offer more things in common or distributed computing. I think this space [altcoins] has generated a lot of great ideas, but I focus on currency and transactional aspect,” Dorsey said.

In the third quarter of 2018 Square profit from the sale of bitcoin was $43 million, while in the previous quarter, this amounted to $37 million in addition, in November Square around the capitalization of Twitter.

In January 2018 Square made buying and selling bitcoins available for almost all US citizens, with the exception of Wyoming, new York and two other States. However, in June the company Square got Regulations with a special license to conduct business in the state of new York, and in August announced that this opportunity is available throughout the United States.

In addition, in the past year, Square has patented the blockchain technology for fast cryptocurrency payments as well as released the source code for the offline storage for bitcoins.

Jack Dorsey last week took part in the Torch relay Lightning, designed to demonstrate to the public the ease and convenience of the Protocol.